Enterprise DevSecOps Transformation

Rapid and safe feature delivery cycles need automated DevSecOps pipelines to enable teams & organisations to innovate and experiment with their new products. This would enable them to focus on high-value development and experimentation jobs as opposed to low-value, manual and repetitive tasks.

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Enterprise DevSecOps First Step Toward Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Having automated decoupled pipelines for independent micro-services is the main enabler for fast continuous delivery cycles as it reduces the dependencies between different teams/assets, and makes the entire deployment operations less complex

Governance and Security

Codified pipelines with embedded and codified organisation-wide policies and security non-negotiables ensure safe and auditable delivery cycles

Quality Assurance

Running a sufficient level of automated test cases as part of each pipeline accelerates the pace of feature delivery significantly as teams don't have to perform repetitive low-value operations anymore. This is on top of all the BVT and AAA test cases we run automatically as part of our Blue/Green deployments in production, before new software versions are accessible by customers


Pipelines are the central points through which trivial build/deployment operation tasks as well the majority of organisation red-tape such as Change Management could be automated

Chat Ops

Conversation based operating models using Chat Ops and Bots, along with the automated and codified CI/CD pipelines creates a productive experience for delivery teams and enhances delivery velocity significantly

Experimentation and A/B Testing

Automated mechanisms such as Experimentation and A/B Testing, integrated with our automated DevSecOps pipelines, enable organisations to understand customer needs and their requirements to innovate and grow faster at scale

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