Developer Experience

The key to having productive and engaged engineers is to have a streamlined, effective and efficient experience to enable them get their job done everyday. It starts from the moment our engineers join the organisation and go through their onboarding experience. It heavily involves their day-to-day BAU experience, delivering everyday features to existing products, or working on innovative projects, transforming today's world and operating models.

The easier we make it for them to work in our organisation, the faster and more engaged they are in getting their jobs done.

Current Challenges

Developer experience also involves the routine set up engineers need to apply to set up their machine for the first time, or perform feature delivery on a day to day basis, and how hard(complex?) it is to move a user story from backlog to done.

One of the common mistakes organisations make in creating the best experience for their engineers is to delegate it to people who are not coding on a day-to-day basis and are far from understanding the developers pain points.

Organisations should involve engineers when building the next version of their technology platforms and more importantly identify, prioritise and track the solution to their pain points through orchestrated mechanisms. There will be bottlenecks which need to resolved by involving the right stakeholders as people sometimes have the tendency to accept the status quo and get used to what's available to them.

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