Not a Job, A Passion

More than 'what you do', and 'how good you are', your purpose and mission in life matter to us. Our ideal candidate is keen to solve problems for our society, is passionate to drive outcome and make people's lives easier every day by what they do. After that, you are on top of your game in your craft, and you care about how it is done. If this sounds like you, we are super keen to know more about you.


You come to work for a reason, you have a vision in life, you believe in your purpose, and you move in that direction.

Craft and Passion

You are fantastic at what you do, and you are the best in your profession. You care about the outcome and also how it is done.

Team Work

You are excellent at treating others the way 'they' would like to be treated. You speak up when things aren't right.

Job Detail
Job Id



Senior QA Engineer


Sydney, Australia

Job Type

Fulltime Contract


Min 5 Years

Ad Type

Expression of Interest


Fully operating in an Agile environment, we are a team of dedicated and passionate software professionals, working across various roles of Technical Leadership, Software Delivery, and Quality Assurance. We come to work to advance people and organisations and transform their experience through technology. We develop and transform software, engineering teams, their culture, and operating models using our elite workforce. We love what we do, and we care about how we do it.

  • We are a team of experts in our fields
  • We value teamwork, and we always speak up with respect and constructively
  • We are outcome-focused and deliver results when they are due


The Senior QA Engineer role is a key role in our delivery pipeline. You lead Quality Assurance in our delivery pipeline of the projects along with our engineers, and you help your team technically deliver quality outcome and meet the deadlines. Quality is of paramount importance to us, and you have a key role in making sure everyone in the team is aware of the expectations, Do's and Don'ts.

Ideal Candidate

As a hands-on Senior QA Engineer, you are passionate about driving quality no matter what. You have done it before, and you know how it is done. You have a key role in implementing our standards and automated quality metrics and measures as we build our products.

  • At least 5 years of experience in Software Testing
  • Strong understanding of software design and architecture
  • Familiarity Web Development using C#.Net
  • Super proven track record in automation and quality assurance
  • Familiarity with relational databases eg. SQL Server or Oracle
  • Familiarity with UX design quality metrics
  • Experience with software delivery in Agile Environments
  • And the passion for learning new things every day :)

Sounds like you? Send that application to us.

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