Agile Delivery & Managed Services

We operate and deliver our software projects in an Agile environment, as we would like to help our clients and partners with their ever-changing environments by offering flexible development cycles. This is to ensure the produced outcomes fully address our customer requirements.

Our Process

We get things right the very first time we build our software applications, as we believe in leaving the least possible tech debt behind. A functioning software that meets the functional requirements is just the beginning, as we deeply care about how the software is built as well.

We take a range of engineering, architectural, functional and non-functional principles into account when it comes down to developing software. These include user experience, scalability to support future feature requirements and user traffic, maintainability, cross-platform compatibility, continuous integration and deployment, very high level automated test coverage, user testing and piloting, security and performance. Read more on our development methodology here

We go through several steps to make sure the software we build solves the problems it intends to:

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