Technology Roadmap

Teams operate at their very best level when they have a clear Technology Roadmap and Vision ahead of them. A vision that aligns every initiative happening in the platform and join the dots for a very clear transformation effort moving forward. The Roadmap needs to clearly communicate the future version of the platform across different practices including DevSecChatOps, Backend, Frontend, Developer Experience and Infrastructure.

An Actionable Guide to the Future

Tech radars are effective ways to communicate the technology choices and potentials for an organisation, however they are not effective in defining and leading a transformation. We believe in Roadmaps as the key ingredient of any transformation, a tool that communicate to engineers and stakeholders at various levels, all the initiatives and actionable items that need to happen for a given platform in addition to clear timelines and pre-requisites. It breaks down what should be included in the future of the platform as achievable milestones which could be executed and contributed to by every engineer in the platform.

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