(Microsoft .Net 5.0, React, React-Native)

When it comes down to authentication and authorisation, applications could have similar requirements, at least at their early stages.

This is a ready to deploy Microsoft .Net 5.0 Identity API solution, backed by Entity Framework along with the required UI components built in React in Mobile and React-Native for Mobile.
It supports solution wide route prefixes, route versioning, along with Swagger implementation to make it easily accessible through any API gateway using Open API specification.

Below you can find the solution details.

Asp.Net Identity Features


The solution comes with the below functionalities.

  • Account Registration
  • Login (Bearer Token)
  • Logout
  • Fetch User
  • Reset Password
  • Account Activation
  • Token Refresh

Web and Mobile

All our backend functions come with frontend supporting UIs; React for Web, and React-Native for iOS and Android devices, providing a full identity eco-system for your applications across all channels.

Swagger Enabled

API comes with solution wide Swagger support to make it convenient for your API users to try and explore your API functions. Our Swagger portal supports versioning, enabling you to switch between different versions.

API Gateway Support

With Swagger supporting all your API versions, you can easily access your endpoint through API gateways by automatically configuring the actions using swagger.json file.


API comes with a predefined routing solution, making it easy to version the routes (v1/v2/etc.), and also adding solution wide route prefix (/api/v1/...)

Fluent Validation

Actions are protected by Fluent Validation, Making it easy to maintain all the validation rules in a consistent fashion seperate from controller actions, which in turn keeps the controller clean from repeated validation code.

APP Settings and Secrets

Centralised App Settings management following Asp.Net core patterns, along with already configured secret management with Azure KeyVaults. Simply create your keyvault, store your secrets, and access them through your application through certificates.

Microsoft .Net 5 (Entity Framework)

The solution is on .Net 5, and backend by Entity Framework as the identity store. It comes with custom identity types such as ApplicationUser, ApplicationRole, etc, enabling you to extend the entities with further attributes, and customising primary key type.

Fully Supported by Us

We will extend our Identity API solution to meet your project needs, making sure the final source code covers all you need when deployed to production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identity is a source-included solution, which is deployable to production after you place your own secrets and configurations in the predefined configuration sections.
Our solutions do support F5 experience. The idea is the everything have been configured for you, and the API will work when you clone and press F5.
Absolutely! We can tailor Identity solution based on your project requirements, so you don't have to worry about anything Identity related. If required, we will help you to integrate and deploy the solution to your environments.

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